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Snacks & starters

KANUM GUNG – bowl 35,-
Shrimp chips with chili mayo

Stirfried sweet broccoli 65,-
Broccoli fried in soysauce

CHICKEN SATAY – 3 pcs 65,-
Chicken marinated with lemongrass, coriander & coconut milk
served with peanut sauce

MOO PING – 3 pcs 65,-
Sticks with glazed pork in palme sugar, soy and garlic

Homemade panko shrimps – 3 pcs 75,-
Crispy panko shrimps served with chilimayo


TOMKA  125,-
Coconut milk, galangal root, chili, lime leaves, rice
chicken or tofu



NAMDUK 135,-
Beef salad, chopped herbs, chili, lime and roasted rice

POMELO 135,-
Pomelo, shrimps, chili and herbs

Curry dishes

RED CURRY  135,-
Peppers, broccoli, basil, bamboo shoots, carrots & coconut milk

GREEN CURRY  135 / 155,-
Peppers, beans, basil, carrots & coconut milk
chicken or shrimps

PANANG  135 / 155,-
Kaffir lime leaves, green beans, peppers & coconut milk
chisken or beef

All curry dishes are served with rice

Wok dishes

Beef, peppers, cale, ginger, cauliflower & cashew
served with rice

Chicken, pepper fruit, onions & cashew
served with rice

PAD THAI 135 / 155,-
Fried noodles with onions, bean sprouts, eggs & roasted peanuts
tofu or shrimps

Additional / Option

Rice 20,-

Noodles 20,-

Sauce / Dip / Herbs 20,-